Each year trials are held to allocate players to teams for the season ahead. Click on a link below to see the ladies in each team.

Thunderbirds 1

RDNL Midweek: Division 1

Pictured: (Back row) Abbie Walker, Marissa Knight, Holly Humphries (Front row) Anna Kerry, Jo Healing, Stacey Delve

Not pictured: Lolly Barnes

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Thunderbirds 2

RDNL Midweek: Division 2

Pictured: (Back row) Sandra Timney, Sandra Fulford, (Front row) Emma McCarthy, Jane Hodgetts

Not pictured: Phillipa Legg, Jenny Obin, Charity Mlambo

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Thunderbirds 3

RDNL Midweek: Division 3

Pictured: (Back row) Claire Evans, Arwah Chakera, Catherine Redding (Front row) Rebecca Dunne, Lucy Sullivan, Louise Boisclair

Not pictured: Angela Cornelius, Abie Hulbert, Charlie Greenaway

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Thunderbirds 5

RDNL Midweek: Division 2

Pictured: (Back row) Julie Kinsella, Rachel Pithers, Maryam Asgher, Karisha Browne (Front row) Sarah Widdows, Rachel Vaughan, Rachell Mason

Not pictured: Abi Collins

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Thunderbirds 6

RDNL Saturday: Division 1

Pictured: (Back row) Sandra Timney, Holly Humphries, Julie Kinsella (Front row) Jane Hodgetts, Karisha Browne, Emma McCarthy

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Thunderbirds 7

RDNL Saturday: Division 3

Pictured: (Back row) Monique Palmer, Rachell Mason, Lucy Sullivan, Maryam Asgher, Sarah Widdows, Rachel Pithers, Catherine Redding (Front row) Arwah Chakera, Claire Evans, Louise Boisclair, Rebecca Dunne

Not pictured: Abi Collins, Charity Mlambo

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Thunderbirds Prem

Berkshire Premier Netball League

Pictured: (Back row) Jo Healing, Marissa Knight, Holly Humphries (Front row) Lolly Barnes, Anna Kerry, Jane Hodgetts

Not pictured: Chloe Hodgetts, Becky Nicholls, Rachell Mason

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